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Result Description

Incoming Students

Students can apply to our university for Study and Traineeship mobilities within the framework of Erasmus+ Student Mobility.

We can only accept students from our partner universities for study exchange, so please check the list of current Erasmus Agreements from our web page. If there is no agreement with your university, then we may initiate the agreement process if faculties deem it appropriate. On the other hand bilateral agreement is not compulsory for student traineeship exchange.

Application: Please send the filled application form and the below listed documents to the


Application Documents

  • Application Form
  • Transcript
  • Passport Photograph
  • Learning Agreement for Studies
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship
  • English Certificate (Issued by sending institution)
  • Nominee Letter (Issued by sending institution)

After Mobility (Provided by receiving institution)

  • Confirmation (Duration) Sheet
  • Transcript for Study Mobility, Evaluation Sheets or Traineeship Certificates for Traineeship Mobility

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