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Result Description

Outgoing Students




Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies program provides students the opportunity to study abroad for one semester or full academic year in one of the partner universities in another country. 

Participant students gain full recognition for the successfully received credits in the hosting institution and have to repeat failed courses in the sending institution.

Application Criteria: 

  • Must be a registered student
  • Minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.20/4.00 for associate and undergraduate students, minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.50/4.00 for graduate students
  • Must have minimum 60 ECTS class load per academic year, 30 ECTS class load per term and 20 ECTS per trimester

***First year students and graduates cannot benefit from student mobility for studies.  

Program Duration:

  • Minimum 3 months or 1 trimester, maximum 12 months
  • Maximum 24 months for the School of Medicine


Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship program provides students the opportunity to do an internship in a university, enterprise or organization in participating countries to gain work experience in the occupational field. The scope of internship should be related to the study area.

***Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship cannot be used for research and analysis activities.

***Bilateral agreement is not compulsory for student traineeship exchange. Finding the host organization is the responsibility of the student.  

Application Criteria:

  • Must be a registered student
  • A minimum 2.20/4.00 cumulative GPA for associate and undergraduate students, a minimum 2.50/4.00 cumulative GPA for graduate students
  • Must be received or able to be received a traineeship acceptance letter from Host Institution.

***Final year students are eligible to apply for mobility for traineeship within a maximum of one year after the student’s graduation.

Program Duration:

  • Minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months.
  • Maximum 24 months for the School of Medicine 



The selection for Studies and Traineeship Mobilities is done separately on quota basis for each faculty and department. Placements are made by the Erasmus Committee in accordance with total Erasmus+ points. Selection results are announced through university web site and notice boards.

Erasmus+ Point Calculations:

Cumulative GPA             


English Language Proficiency Score                                

%50 (Written %75 , Oral %25)

Martyr and War Veteran Children


Disabled Students (The statement from a doctor or other relevant authority should be presented)


Previous Participation in the Erasmus+ program within current study level


Withdrawal after announced deadline


Participation in Erasmus+ program in the country of nationality


Dual Application for Studies and Traineeship Mobility (Students should state the first choice)




Participant students are awarded Erasmus+ grant to help their living costs during their mobility period. Amount of grants is announced by European Commission according to the life standards of the participant countries and grouped in three categories.

Please bear in mind that Erasmus+ grant is a contribution towards living expenses whilst abroad. Participant students are responsible from their own visa fees, travelling costs and living expenses. 

Country Groups

Host Countries

Monthly Grant for Studies

Monthly Grant for Traineeship

I. Group Countries

Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom



II. Group Countries

Belgium, Czechia, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey



III. Group Countries

Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia




Grant Payments:

  • The Grant Agreement, which states total amount of grant, is signed between participant and university.
  • Grants are paid in two installments. The first installment (80% of the total grant) is paid within 30 days of signing the grant agreement. The second installment (20% the remaining amount of the total grant) is paid after the participant student returns and presents all the necessary documents.

Deduction on Grant Payments:

  • If the student stays less than minimum duration (3 months for studies, 60 days for traineeship), the mobility is not recognized and the student is asked to refund the deposit.
  • If the student has to turn back due to force majeure, deposit amount is not asked to be refunded, but the remaining amount is not paid.
  • If the student leaves the host institution for more than seven (7) days during education or traineeship period, the mobility is recognized, the student is asked to refund the grant amount covering missing days.
  • If the student does not take the compulsory language tests (OLS) before mobility and after mobility and does not fill the EU Survey as well, deduction is done on grant payment.
  • If the student does not present all the necessary after mobility documents to the International Office, the mobility is not recognized, the student is asked to refund the deposit.

Erasmus+ Zero Grant Student:

  • The students may still be able to take part in Erasmus+ Mobility as a “zero-grant” student. All the students, whether or not receiving grant, are subject to, the same conditions.
  • In case of finding additional financial resources, the sending institution may decide to grant zero-grant students. 


The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is designed to assist Erasmus+ participants in improving their knowledge of the language in which they will study abroad.

Compulsory Exams:

The OLS language assessment is compulsory for all participant students. The participant students must take the assessment twice, before and at the end of their mobility period, in order to monitor their progress in the language of mobility.

Optional Online Language Courses:

Participant students may take optional language courses after the completion of the first language assessment. 


Application Documents:

Selected Students Documents:

  • Learning Agreement for Study/Traineeship – Must be filled and approved by the student, sending institution and host institution. International Office assists with the process.
  • Invitation/Acceptance Letter - Issued by host institution.
  • Nominee Letter and Language Proficiency Letter – Issued by sending institution (In case of demand from host institution)
  • Online Linguistic Assessment (OLS 1) – Directly sent to the student’s e-mail address.
  • Visa and Grant Letter – Issued by sending institution, includes student’s details, mobility period and total amount of grant.
  • Health Insurance – Student should obtain Health Insurance for the mobility period.
  • Bank Account Details – Student should open a Euro bank account at the notified bank.
  • The Grant Agreement – Must be signed between student and sending institution. International Office assists with the process.
  • Erasmus+ Student Declaration  – The declaration comprises the student’s responsibilities and rights. It must be signed by the student.

During Mobility:

  • Learning Agreement for Study/Traineeship During Mobility – If any changes occurs during the mobility, Learning Agreement During Mobility section must be filled by the host institution.

After Mobility:

  • Learning Agreement After Mobility – The relevant section must be signed and stamped by host institution. Confirmation (Duration) Sheet – Must state the student’s arrival and departure dates. Signed and stamped by the host institution.
  • Transcripts for Mobility for Studies and Evaluation Sheets or Traineeship Certificates for Mobility for Traineeship – Issued by the host institution.
  • EU Survey – Directly sent to the student’s e mail address, aims to measure the student’s satisfaction.
  • Online Linguistic Assessment (OLS 2) – Directly sent to the student’s e-mail address.
  • Copy of Passport (with Entry and Exit Stamps)




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